We provide "turn-key" service and support from capping to lock-up. We prepare all drawings and design details for permit application. We can even provide a “virtual frame-check” in our BIM enabled 3D design software prior to manufacturing. We order, receive, and install all material and components based on our scope of work. We can pre-cut provisions for HVAC and plumbing systems. Our superior service continues with our after sales service and warranty support group.

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Complete flexibility

We manage the complexity, you serve and delight your customers

Our process supports conventional wood frame construction design with no modification to the approved building structure.

Basic framing and "a la carte" service to lock-up (roofing, trim, siding, soffit, fascia) – "your choice".

Comprehensive product line - townhomes, duplex, single family with attached or detached garage, up to 4 storey walk-ups (condos or flat stack).

Capacity unlimited

Grow your business, not your overhead

Our unique manufacturing process is scalable within our existing facility and with our current equipment. Minimal lead time required to ramp up for increased volume. Untapped volume potential estimated at 2.5X our current production rate. Incredible.

Builder Benefits

  • Cycle time reduction and associated cost reduction (interest, taxes, heating, power consumption, equipment rentals, etc.).
  • Indoor build and rapid construction reduces exposure to the elements (wind, rain, etc.) and allows for scheduling independent of most weather conditions.
  • Excellent build quality and tighter building envelope based on a precision building method.
  • Straight, flat, and square – increased drywall and finishing trades efficiency; less rework and repair .
  • Reduced material waste, theft, and damage.
  • Eliminate cost overruns and trade trip charges.
  • 10 – 25% increase in building capacity with no incremental overhead.
  • Clean job sites with a focus on safety and professionalism.
  • Superior service from start to finish including after sales service and warranty.