ACQBuilt Estimating Process

Based on your blueprint, expedited & streamlined accuracy of cost estimates with less overhead & more flexibility.

ACQBuilt Permitting Process

We can design and get your drawings permit ready! Our designs use the most cost-effective ways to build, without compromising quality.

ACQBuilt 3D Modelling Process
3D Modelling

We use the most advanced technology to transform blueprints into 3D models. This process ensures all structural, architectural and mechanical building components align! Plus, we provide you with a detailed virtual walk thru before all systems ‘GO’!


ACQBuilt Floor Panel Process
Floor Panels

Good-bye squeaky floors! Floor assembly is conducted on computerized tables, each component is glued & sheeting is mounted on the assembly before robotics screw down the materials to exactly to Alberta Building Code

ACQBuilt Walls Process

Wall assembly is efficient & precise. All materials are precut to the millimetre by automated robotic machinery. Every stud, window and wall backings are installed with precision and accuracy.

ACQBuilt Window Installation Process
Window Installation

Indoor window installations are executed with precision to ensure meticulous accuracy & tightness, every time.

ACQBuilt Deck & Veranda Process
Deck & Veranda

Precision built decking & verandas are custom to each home drawing, using premium materials & assembled on onsite with the rest of the home!

ACQBuilt Stairs Process

Stairs that are connected to walls get assembled offsite & lifted into place onsite! This results in a superior, safer stairway.

ACQBuilt Roof Trusses Process
Roof Trusses

No heights! Panelized roof systems are engineered stronger & assembled in a safe climate-controlled environment. Every process is consistent for top quality, accuracy & strength.


ACQBuilt Delivery Process

Once offsite construction is complete, all building components are loaded onto custom ACQBUILT trailers! Our experienced team carefully transports all building elements from ACQBUILT headquarters, to field where onsite construction begins!

Onsite Assembly

This is where we do all the heavy lifting! Onsite assembly is fast, clean & efficient. Each structural component is sequentially offloaded with cranes to seamlessly begin the construction lift. This method of construction is undisruptive, clean, on-schedule & predictable! An ideal solution for custom infill projects & private estates.

ACQBuilt Roofing Process

As soon as the building is completely lifted & locked up–scheduled roofers install shingles to ensure lumber is limited to rain or snow exposure.

ACQBuilt Siding Process

Once the roof is shingled, our scheduled siding crews efficiently complete the buildings’ exterior details!

ACQBuilt MEPs Process

It’s time for mechanical, electrical & plumbing! Simple on time scheduling & delivery, onsite crews complete the pre-planned plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems with ease. The building is officially ready for interior finishing!