ACQBUILT'S Core Features


We have created a true culture of safety, from management to the line workers to the logistics team that delivers the house; everyone feels in their heart the responsibility to ensure that everyone has a safe day.


We believe it is important to be true to our word. We demonstrate this by our dedication to be on time and on task every time.


We use only the best materials in our processes combined with the advanced technology to produce a perfect building every time.


We use the latest technologies available such as millimeter precision tools and leading edge computerized building programs that allow for 3D design and simulation before any work is done.


To our customer we promise to make your ACQBUILT experience seamless and deliver your product how and when you want it every time, to our staff we promise to provide a work place that is second to none in safety and an excellent place to excel in their skill sets, to the environment we promise to explore sustainable practices.

The Build Process

ACQBUILT uses some of the most advanced technology to build its homes. Our “Build Process Timeline” offers you an insider's view of how we are revolutionizing the home building industry.

BIM enabled 3D design & simulation

Our 3D design and simulation allows us to completely model every aspect of the home building process before we begin. This ensures that all structural and architectural components are aligned, including plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. At the end of this process we are able to provide our customer a detailed virtual frame check walk through of their future home.


Engineered Wood Product

A high percentage of the components are made from engineered products, they are chosen for their strength and increased stability of the system.

Wall Manufacturing

Walls are assembled in a controlled environment, all components are precut to within a millimeter tolerance. Every stud, door and window assembly, and wall backing is installed exactly in the proper place according to the drawing before the assembled wall can be moved to the next station.

Factory Installed Windows

The North American window renovation market is huge, not because of poor windows but because of improper installation. In the factory all installations are executed with precision to ensure exacting standards every time.

Factory Installed Exterior Finishing

It’s much easier and safer to install exterior finishes in a controlled environment. Vinyl siding is difficult to install well in the cold; and you get better installation when the installer is not thirty feet off the ground.


In-house Structural Design

We can design and get your drawings permit ready; our designs use the most cost effective ways to build, while never compromising the strength and quality of the floor system.

Engineered Wood Product

All are designed using engineered components from trusted top end manufacturers.

Floor Manufacturing

Floors are assembled on computerized tables which properly lay out the components before the machine glues each component. The glue is consistently kept at the right temperature and viscosity. 7/8" sheeting is then mounted on the assembly before then the machine screws the floor down placing the screw exactly according to the building code. All of this precision results in floors that never squeak when you walk on them.


Stair Assembly

Any wall that touches a stair is assembled to the stair in the factory and lifted into place. This results in a much superior and safer stairway.

Full Front Veranda & Rear Deck Assembly

Verandas and Decks are completely built in our factory to exacting standards using only quality materials and assembled with the house on the same day, no waiting for other trades.


Engineered Permit Ready Drawings

Because we panelize the roof system the roofs are engineered stronger at no extra cost to the customer.

Roof Manufacturing

Assembled in a controlled safe environment, every process is consistent for top quality and strength.



When we deliver your house it is done with the utmost care and safety. We realize people live in these neighborhoods, we not only want you to have a good experience with us, but it is important to us to make this process harmonious for your neighbors as well.


Field Assembly

Stair Installation

Floor Installation

Walls Installation

Full Front Veranda

Rear Deck


Completed House